Thursday, September 24, 2015

Letter(s) to President Obama, Gov. Cuomo....

Mr. President, if you had a son, would he look like me?

Greetings Reader,

I hope this finds you in tip top health! I am a 911 first responder who is a victim of insurance fraud. I was cheated out of the proper care by the NY State workers compensation board via crooked doctors, judges, insurance companies & their lying thieving lawyers. This is how the whole scam works. You get injured, you go to your doctors & they diagnose your injuries & document them. Then, the insurance company says "Hey, your doctor says you're hurt, but you haven't seen OUR doctors". So, they send you what's called a request for an IME evaluation by a doctor of their choosing. (independent medical evaluation). However, this upcoming IME appointment is anything but independent. This doctor is paid by them & he is paid handsomely. This payment, is a bribe of monolithic proportions to let the doctor know that he must defraud you out of the proper care by downplaying, dismissing & denying your injuries & insurance claim via these crooked paid off doctors. The doctor then acts like your friend, then he looks at you for 2 - 4 minutes, or doesn't at all, then asks a few questions. You answer, he says "ok you can go" after a few minutes. Then he files a fraudulent report stating that you are not that injured, you can return to work, or you aren't injured at all, & that he evaluated all these body parts, like your hands, leg, back, arms or neck & spent 30 - 50 minutes evaluating & testing you. However, this report is 100% LIES, so that the report favors the insurance companies. This crooked doctor knows that if he doesn't file a favorable report with a slant toward the insurance company that they will not use him to evaluate any other injured claimants, so he is under an ENORMOUS amount of pressure to LIE, CHEAT & DEFRAUD you for fear of losing the business of doing more evaluations for he insurance companies. After all, if you pay someone $3 or $4,000 per evaluation & you do a few a day, you get addicted to that much money & you will do whatever it takes to continue to keep that sort of income coming in unless one of the claimants breaks your God damned skull opened with an aluminum baseball bat! =) When you go to court, or apply for workers compensation, social security etc, the govt uses the IME report to deny your claims because you have no evidence that you were just defrauded unless you video tape the IME evaluation, which you should secretly ALWAYS do. Then when the court renders the decision or the insurance company's lawyers argue that you're not hurt, you pull out the video recording & call him a LIAR!! BEWARE!!

Follow my blogs for new exciting information stories that contain pictures and short video clips of my adventures exposing insurance fraud!

This is a letter that was written on September 25 to expose the NY State workers compensation board for corruption, fraud, racketeering, discrimination, tampering with & removing evidence & criminal neglect which left me an amputee for the rest of my life. We fought for 4 years trying to get an angry abusive judge removed from the case, only to have him refuse to recuse himself, verbally abuse me, and his crooked cronies came to his aid sending letters of support just like the mother of a man who was just shot in the face & killed during a robbery in which he initiated would. "Not mah son, he a goot boy, his gramama luh him, he hat dreams, he hat patenchoo." They refused to scan in evidence that my family & I prepared 3 different times that were sent, then tried to cover it up. So far, they refuse to face me, the cover up continues & I continue to expose them hoping someone sees what's going on & steps in to "defend" us. 

A little back ground, I'm a World Trade Center first responder. Not a firefighter, nor a policeman, just a crane operator who was in NY City on 911 & decided to act & instead of running away from the buildings, my crew and I ran to them. 

About my injuries. I was working as a crane operator on August 4th 2006 when I slipped on hydraulic fluid off the back of the truck. I broke my right hand, left wrist, knocked out 4 teeth, split my lip opened, suffered cuts & bruises to my face, damaged my right elbow, left elbow, ribs, left foot, ankle & knee. I was rushed to the hospital unconscious in the back of a car because the ambulance said I wasn't priority so it would be a while. I woke up in front of the hospital, drowsy and hurt. I couldn't move my hands, leg or wrists, my face, arms, hands & leg were obviously very damaged. They picked me up & placed me on a bed & a nurse came in to ask questions. I only remember her sticking me with something & me passing out. A few hours later I woke up & my family was there. I was physically sick from whatever they gave me, I asked, they said morphine. BLECK! I don't know how junkies enjoy that crap. So, here's how the crooked state of New York operates when you get hurt. Once you're injured, you get treated by an emergency room visit, or your own doctors depending on the severity. Then the insurance company gets a crack at  defrauding you by sending you to their crooked IME doctor to downplay, dismiss & deny your claim. The term IME stands for independent medical examiner, however, they are anything but independent. The more lavish their lifestyles, the more motivated they are to lie in order to give a favorable report to the insurance company, and then become a go to person for the insurance companies to rely on to help defraud you out of the proper care. If they favor you, they are no longer used to evaluate injured claimants and they know this, so the pressure to defraud you & lie in favor of the insurance company is overwhelming. IME doctors are paid handsomely & can earn $1,000.000 + from IME evaluations, aside from their regular practice. It doesn't matter what evidence you have, or how many doctors evaluate you, the IME doctors have more power over your future because they are put in place by the government. Since the payments & awards given to you by insurance companies are non taxable, your City & State would rather the insurance company doesn't have to pay you, because then they can get their greedy claws on that money via taxes. The government has no plans of changing these policies any time soon. Sign my petition 

I would imagine unless a rash of murders happen to these IME doctors, then & only then would the government reassess their policies on IME doctors, injuries and the way they are conducted. If you don't video tape the encounter, it's his word against your 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 doctors & HE wins hands up regardless of what medical evidence there is. I reported his failure to evaluate me or document my injuries correctly from the beginning, the fact that we were only together 3 whole minutes before he said "you can go" & my lawyer reported it, Also my 5 doctors who testified that his report simply does not support the medical evidence from the emergency room, the documented injuries, photographs etc.. After 2 years I developed a blood clot in my leg which left me nearly crippled. We fought & the sloth like case dragged on for 2 years while I suffered from this clot & continued to show up at court, go to see my doctors, went to see other IME evaluations etc. If I failed to show up at my doctors office for 2 months in a row, the insurance company would halt payments. If I don't show up at an IME evaluation, they will halt payments. Even though I could no longer walk, I continued to show up everywhere even to court & continue to do damage to my left leg so bad that the I developed a tear in my right ankle & one in my knee because if it. I had no idea I was allowed to request hearings by phone until someone said it to me 5 years after the case started. MRI's of my left ankle showed damage & need for surgery, right ankle showed a need for surgery because of overcompensating for the left ankle, an MRI for the left knee showed a tear & need for surgery but because of this fraudulent racket where they all get paid to drag the case on while you're hurt, struggling physically, financially & mentally, you become their vacation pay, their over time, their next check & nobody is eager to help you in any way shape or form. They have become callous to you & your injuries. Finally, my lawyer quit the case & said "Mike, the judge is against you. If you or your family know a senator or someone high up, contact them, I've done all I can do. He then left a message on my phone that he could no longer represent me. I had no idea that I could've sued him or reported him to the bar association for failure to represent me. Leaving an injured claimant with a blood clot to fend for himself is a low life maneuver. I can only pray he is taken ot during a car jacking. I attempted to get another lawyer but with each firm I called regardless of what we discussed, they refused to represent me because the case was too old. Really? 4 years is too old? Then I learned the difference between a lawyer & a lawyer. A real lawyer will step in regardless of how old or long the case has been going on. They research the case, read the minutes, interview people knowledgeable about the case, check old laws & new ones. Check to see if your rights were violated, re interview you & then go at the case with everything they've got. POS lawyers are the kind who will only take cases that are new & fresh so they don't have to work hard at all, and all they have to do is sign a few pieces of paper, wait around for a free handout due to your injury. 

Many of the lawyers looked into the case & called it "an abortion, a miscarriage of justice, intentional & or suggested that maybe I pissed someone off in Albany".. So I decided to target the workers compensation board now. I am going to learn from this experience and try to help others so this never happens to anyone ever again by creating my new website as soon as I can find someone to develop it for a low cost. It will be a hub & blog teaching others of the pitfalls of the crooked injury racket & how to avoid what happened to me. It will be filled with links on how to report crooked judges, crooked doctors, phone numbers to harass these people etc. Despite letters to Gov Cuomo, Senator Gillibrand, Carolyn Maloney, President Obama & the workers compensation board they refuse to bend. I've decided to expose everyone as it is my right to free speech, as much as it theirs free enterprise to defraud me. Finally, the blood clot reached my heart & damaged it causing me to drop like a bad habit. I was rushed to the hospital & they found that the single clot split into 3 & I developed another in my right leg.  I endured 13 operations & damaged the left leg beyond repair, the right was amputated. I will spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. THEN, I get a phone call from an anonymous caller (female voice, very well spoken with a blocked or private number) saying Look up this name Michael J Katz using the keywords "fraud & perjury", and I did. OMG!! My computer lit up & they finally caught him committing perjury in the NY Supreme Court doing the same thing to another injured claimant that I reported him for. I called the workers compensation board, sent letters to no avail. They refuse to admit any wrong doing, they refuse to reverse the decision even though everything is against them. I tried to think of ways to get national attention about this case & now I have no choice but to resort to legal ways because I don't want to spend the rest of my life on death row. =( I tweeted to POTUS about it..

Although losing my leg is a life sentence, once I am able to leave the hospital where I endured 13 operations, 13 months so far, i'm going to live. I've been here from August 18th 2014 till today September 24th 2015 & i'll be here till we figure out my living situation when I'm going to be released. I may be able to continue my life as an amputee & disabled person, but it's going to be hard not doing the things I used to be able to do. I love to fish, hunt & go boating. However, my new love is exposing corrupt individuals & telling them about it to their face in hopes they try to harm me & I am justified in defending myself quick & judiciously. Please share this blog & sign & share my petition & share it so that if we get a few thousand signatures it will show them they can no longer deny or hide what happened. I intend on applying enough pressure to hopefully get a law passed in my name called Di Pippo's Law which would mean that ALL IME evaluations must be performed in front of witnesses from BOTH sides, an they must ALL be filmed to avoid any more lies & corruption. I'm trying to get the judge's license to practice law taken away from him & all the other maggot ridden corpses who tried to continue the cover up as well. Wish me luck!

September 22, 2015

President Barack Obama
President of The United States
Honorable Andrew Cuomo
Governor, New York State
Albany, New York

Dear President Obama, Governor Cuomo:

First, on behalf of my family Mr. President, we would like to wish you and your family health & well being, and kudos on your health care implementation for those who do not have health care, our compliments on a job well done. Keep up the good work. Gov. Cuomo, we would like to offer our deepest sympathies and condolences in your father’s passing. My Dad Tony, and my Uncle Tony Mazzarella who owned the Waterfront Crab House in LIC, NY were friends of your Dad’s and used to help run fund raisers at the WF Crab House. Unfortunately, my Uncle has also passed amidst this case, though he lent his support before he left us. I have also been following Sandra’s condition from my hospital bed and it tears me up that we must go through these sicknesses and injuries together, I sincerely wish her well.

My name is Michael J. Di Pippo, a World Trade Center First Responder (volunteer) legal address **- ** ***th Street, *******, New York **102, but presently living at the ****** Home – Life Care, *** West ***th Street, New York, N. Y. ***25, as a now completely disabled amputee confined to a wheelchair, when not bedridden. I didn’t have to die or become an amputee because of it. It could have all been avoided by simply listening to me in the beginning of my case, but that would have been too easy. I warned you Mr Cuomo, that I had a blood clot in my leg and that eventually it would make it up to my heart and kill me. I also cautioned you about the ongoing insurance fraud and abuse of power by City employees that was plaguing my case, the entire insurance industry specifically requesting that you please personally step in to investigate, or appoint someone to take up this task other than those who have selective sight, and stressed that you do not outsource it to the same people who refuse to police themselves or admit any wrong doing in the first place.

After my exhaustive search and failure to access legal counsel to represent my continued evolving “Workers Compensation Board,” Case # 00644097 ; I respectfully request that you both exercise your executive authority as President of The United States, and Governor, of New York State and step in to fully investigate without prejudice, a major miscarriage of justice involving my severe work related injuries as mandated under New York State Workers Compensation Law. My civil, constitutional as well as my rights to privacy were violated during the many original medical and court opportunities as I did not receive the appropriate due diligence, or the proactive acts necessary to address each of my original substantial injuries; all of which were properly documented by the emergency room, our family, also diagnosed and recorded by my 5 different physicians.

As a result, I have suffered the complicated disability of a new amputation of a limb of which I cherished and attempted to nurse back to health recently. My quality of life has been further denigrated at the young age of age 47, because the New York State Workers Compensation Laws and its corrupt system are infested with acts of perjury, incompetence, malice, fraud, legal and medical cronyism, tampering with & discarding pertinent medical evidence, malfeasance, malpractice and obvious internal administrative cover-ups. We now demand your presence and a meeting, and or hearing to address this issue promptly, or your offices will face yet another SCANDAL! If you are offended that I choose the word “demand,” then you do not value me as an American tax paying citizen, or someone who placed their undying faith in you, or vote so that this type of injustice would be avoided. It is not in dispute that corruption plagues the insurance industry in every aspect, and that a symbiotic relationship is necessary to support all who are employed by this entity, or those who rely on it for sustenance. It is imperative to fully investigate any and all claims of corruption in order to offer a program that works like a well oiled machine, however, when any steps of this process are neglected or abused, the outcome will be catastrophic. 

An abomination of some of these example elements follow:

1. My date of injury is August 4th 2006. The law is that you will be covered in a work related injury as soon as 11 days of missed work due to sickness or injury. The workers compensation system didn't offer  me coverage for several  months due to misidentifying the proper insurance carrier who was in line to take care of the next injured claimant.. As I sat around unable to walk On March 24th, 2007, my father drove me to and from the I. M. E. independent medical examiner (Dr. Michael J Katz) office appointment as directed by the insurance carrier CRM Comp Risk Management of Poughkeepsie, NY (CRM – YOU remember them right??) who was later sued by YOU for FRAUD, in the amount of $400,000,000 and caused them to file bankruptcy protection subsequently leaving NY business owners footing the bill, after a seven (7) month waiting period from the original accident injury date, August 4th, 2006. Here’s the link to refresh your memory Mr Cuomo. This explains all the turmoil involving my case back in 2006, ’07, health coverage and the frequent intentional stopping or delaying of checks by this company, and the subsequent firing of the claims examiner Davette Whitehead who was handling my case & contacted me when she was let go. The independent medical examination lasted only 3 minutes, he never physically examined me other than twisting my right hand & wrist in disbelief that I was injured at all when I mentioned my doctors said “I would probably need surgery to both wrists, which was recorded by my doctor, Dr. Katzman. Dr. Katz (IME) caused a tear in my wrist, which was documented & later required surgery, an awful lot of pain and an argument to ensue during our three minute “alleged evaluation”. 

He intentionally caused pain, he was imperfect and antagonistic. The I. M. E. report of the examination was prejudicial and lacked the perspective of a professional, and failed to accurately state all the injuries, symptoms and needs for the use of medical aids, wrist braces and plastic cast form boot. This should have been a red flag for the workers compensation board to begin with. Predicated on the brief, bias, imperfect March, 2007 “alleged” examination – and resultant I. M. E. report, it came as no surprise to learn of Dr. Michael J Katz being accused of being a “LIAR and a THIEF” by Justice Duane Hart of the NY State Supreme Court for committing perjury during a court hearing that occurred on December, 2013 involving another claimants case. This wonderful display of foresight and subsequent reprimand proved this Judge to be far more supreme to the mere casual observance of the judge that handled my case. I gave Judge Clauderick Cole - Michael J Katz on a silver platter, and an opportunity to investigate my claims several times, but the flavor of the day was not palatable, and resulted is disdain for me and a capricious ruling that resulted in my current disability. Justice Duane Hart laid down the law in a judicious historical verdict including a reprimand by the judge for offering disingenuous testimony, costing tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars, countless wasted man hours, and fraudulent claims that he evaluated legitimately injured claimants concerning the examination of the subject current claimant at his office. This miscarriage of justice unlike mine, was fortunately captured on tape by the claimant and lawyer.
My father and I, the rest of our family are now launching a campaign to expose the NYS workers compensation board for covering up this fraudulent matter, and other abuses by them including but not limited to; discrimination by the presiding judge for filing complaints against him, verbal abuse documented by this same judge, allowing him to intentionally suppress evidence during the hearing on January 7th 2010, forcing me to be silent when I identified untruths against me alleged by the carrier’s attorney, purposely not scanning in pertinent medical evidence two different times, then attempting to cover all of this up. I tried to reasonably discuss this on record and off with this judge, to no avail. Instead it resulted in verbal abuse, posturing, bench slapping, punching and no less than 6 yelling teeth gritting tirades in just ONE court hearing. We waited 5 years for justice to prevail, sent letters to YOU, Senator Gillibrand, Carolyn Maloney and a City Councilman, all of which sent letters of support back. However, it seems that these letters were nothing more than form or schmooze letters to alleviate any accusations against your offices. I even received a letter from Mr. Garcia who was well aware of what was happening to me from a 25 minute phone discussion. Only this time he actually had the nerve to ask me to allow this fraud to continue by stating “Mike, why don’t you let this one go, why don’t you let this one slide – this could get messy”. Imagine that?!? A man is suffering from a blood clot that’s slowly traveling up his leg towards his heart where it will eventually kill him and he asks me “to let it go and let it slide because it might turn out messy”. 

Is that what Albany does when people look to them for help, and they are in distress and nearing death? SCANDALOUS!!! My father was in the room during the whole phone call to him AND Robert Gabrielli, the Chief fraud inspector. We had a right to appeal, send in evidence & again they attempted to cover up for abuse, discrimination, tampering with evidence. Our evidence was purposely discarded. During our investigation it was then claimed “it was sent back to you” by Madeline Pantzer, (Chief of Adjudication) Mr. Cremo, OOGC - (Archives), Mr. Garcia (Shmoozer), Evidence Room (Jamaica, Queens). Judge Stevenson said “What evidence, I didn’t know of any evidence”, then he requested this evidence be sent from where it lay untouched in Binghamton, NY, back down to his building in Queens, NY. We will wait no longer, we have copies of the evidence we submitted, we have copies of the minutes illustrating the verbal abuse, abuse of power, myself etc. We refuse to waste our time sending it again as it will not be scanned in on purpose in order to continue the cover up, we are now going public until you step in and we guaranty corruption and scandal will remain public. We did all the “Dear honorable commissioners”, we did all the “Dear honorable board members”, called Madeline Pantzer, called Robert Gabrielli, emailed him, the office of general counsel by both email and phone, spoke to (Mr. Gardiner) and now we are ready to accuse in public, on record in regards to all of the above. We are formally requesting an immediate hearing or meeting to discuss all of the aforementioned. I’m not going to live the rest of my life like this without telling the world how I was mistreated, abused, neglected and discriminated against. 

While the NYS WCB will claim I was treated fairly, we have the evidence that this is a LIE. I await your every next syllable with great eagerness and would love to face my accusers to present our evidence now that I am oriented X 10. Let’s face each other with evidence, or you can try to cover this up as well. It’s too late for “I didn’t know”, it’s too late for “sorry”. My family is waiting. Don’t bother to try to deceive us, it won’t work. Our family consists of doctors, Joann & Vincent Di Pippo, Progenics, NY Presbyterian, lawyers (Di Pippo Law Group), myself Engineer, and because of this, 6 billion Americans who are right behind me. Like my father always said, “when you’re right, take out your opponents with extreme prejudice, and keep up the fight”. Get your papers in order!

Michael Di Pippo
Victim of discrimination, Fraud, Corruption, neglect, SCANDAL!
1 (***) *** ****
1 (***) *** ****

POTUS, Barack Obama
Chair, Mr. Beloten
Advocates injured workers
Board Members
Claims Dept
Office Of General Counsel
District Manager, Brian Pile
Madeline Pantzer
Robert Gabrielli
Judge Stevenson

Judge Cole

World Trade Center ID, Meds & Paperwork

Broken 5th metacarpal
Inside right hand broken 5th metacarpal
Outside right hand broken 5th metacarpal
Outside black & blue left foot & ankle
You can see both bikes, that I was active
Facial lacerations
Left elbow
Left foot again, couldn't even close the sneaker
Broke both arms
Facial bruises lacerations
Blood clot developed left leg appx March 2006 but exploded Sept 5th 2006
Surgery left & right wrists torn TFCC tendons
Arthroscopy wrist - 4 holes

Holes in the lip from teeth passing through. 
Attempt to save leg
Vacuum to clean blood
Leg opened up after 1 of 13 surgeries
To be continued.