Tuesday, October 13, 2015

On record the NY State workers compensation board has that I was being seen 4 - 6 X a week when I was initially injured from the first month & date of injury August 4th 2006, to September 5th 2008 the day the blood clot FULLY blew up in my leg & I was rushed to the hospital. They claim that I was not leading a sedentary lifestyle like my several doctors & I claim if I was traveling back & forth to the doctors 3 - 5 X a week & 4 - 6 X a week. I testified 3 different times "NO That's not true." I couldn't even walk the first month & I was only seen 3 days TOTAL during August 2006, 7 X the 2nd month TOTAL during September 2006, 8 X the 3rd month TOTAL during October 2006, 11 X the 4th month TOTAL November 2006!! STOP THE FRAUD, STOP THE LIES!! This FIRST year I was seen a total of 48 times, and 20 times the year of 2008. Why do you have that I was being seen 4 - 6 X a week if the truth is right here?? I'll tell you why. An abusive judge was allowed to remain ON my case & suppress the truth to get back at me for filing numerous complaints against him for being verbally abusive & bullying me into accepting a lawyer to represent me (Mr. I Malik) when my lawyer didn't show up November of 2007. I requested a postponement several times this day, and each time thhe judge raised his voice louder & louder saying "BUT HE IS QUALIFIED TO REPRESENT YOU" to drown out my pleas that I was concerned with my case going the wrong way, or that the lawyer wasn't familiar with my case, or that I had a right to choose my own counsel & not be forced to accept someone of the judge's choosing because he's on a power trip. All because this judge wanted to get into a pissing contest in order to push my case along regardless of whether I was represented correctly or not just to stay on schedule. I ended up answering the questions myself because Mr. Malik, [the pawn that Judge Cole forced me to accept as a lawyer] was forced upon me to represent me had no clue about anything in my case. Each time a question came up, Mr. Malik would look at me with this frightened look on his face like "please help me, i'm lost", then would bury his face in the file face down with shoulders slumped. Just look at the minutes from Nvember 07 & see who is representing me, ME! Then on top of that, the guard at the front door said "who was yelling over there?" I said Judge Cole, you heard him??? He said, "It figures" as he rolled his eyes. It appears that this is a frequent occurrence if the guard says "it figures" & rolls his eyes because he works there & would know who is screaming 8 hours a day. I'm sick of this whole case & I know what I have to do now. I will not falter, I will not quit, I will conquer & destroy my opponents by telling the truth & bringing these people to justice BY the people, WITH the people & FOR the people. Prepare yourselves. Next, scroll down below the months & you will see how long the travel time to the doctors was. If I sat for 16 hours a day due to my injuries awaiting multiple surgeries for the left ankle, right ankle, right wrist & a tear in the left knee ALL confirmed by MRI's/medical tests & traveled to the doctor in 3 - 4 minutes, only to be seen for 15 minutes, then a 3 - 4 minute round trip during the day, why do you have the exact opposite on record?? You picked the wrong person to defraud with the resolve of an mighty oak tree! I'm 100 X more dangerous than any crooked lawyer could be, because I control the people. The judge wasn't mentally fit to rule in my case. NY State wasn't fit to be in charge of my life & limb. A blood clot, DVT or aneurysm can kill a full grown man or woman in 2 seconds, yet you make me go back & forth to court, see your doctors, see crooked IME doctors for a FULL TWO YEARS before I can finally get a ruling, and the person who gets to make a decision whether I live or die is an abusive judge that screams & yells at me constantly because I filed a complaint against him for bullying & yelling at me while posturing in his seat, punching & open handing the bench causing everyone in the room to jump like a small bomb went off, a man who wasted 2 whole minutes in the beginning of the hearing staring at & trying to intimidate me because I filed 5 complaints against him & what was going on by the deposition date because you don't pay any attention to his rude behaviour.. NY State tried to kill me. Allowing a judge to remain ona case & the head judge sending letters in support of him lying & stating thata he asked everyone in the court room about my claims & they ALL said "He acted professionally".. Lies & more lies. Wait till im done with you SOB's. A judge must recuse himself from the court & case if there is a conflict of interest, or an ongoing proble between the claimant, or defendant & he refused because the head judge Mr Stevenson empowered him by continuing to cover for him by sending 3 different letters to me claiming "I spoke to your lawyer, I spoke to Judge Cole & they said this or that".. First off my lawyer was no longer defending me before the deposition in the first place. He didn't show up, didn't know what was going on in the case & the judge & the insurance lawyer said "Is Mr Di Pippo defending himself?". It was then that he looked down at the table & knew he could no longer represent me. It's in the minutes of the hearing before January 7th 2010. Judge Stevenson illegally removed evidence for the purpose of "sending it back to me", but that is a lie. That evidence was discarded & I enlisted 7 workers compensation employees to help ffind this evidence without telling the others who was also looking for it. It's against the HIPAA act to touch medical records, evidence without my permission. Judge Cole was out of control during each hearing after November of 2007 when I warned him that I would file a complaint against him. Mr. Malik was a witness standing right there. He said "Please don't go, the judge will get mad". Yelling, slapping & punching the desk & verbally abusing a claimant after he filed 6 or 7 complaints against you is against the law & it means he was NOT impartial, Judges who use abusive tactics should lose their license to practice law. My family is waiting for the ball to drop, so we know who & what to do.

Star = Days I was seen
Circle = Not seen at all
H = Hospitalized with blood clot

Wiki Link to definition of sedentary lifestyle


Definition of a "Sedentary Lifestyle"

sedentary lifestyle is a type of lifestyle with no or irregular physical activity. A person who lives a sedentary lifestyle may colloquially be known as a slob or couch potato. It is commonly found in both the developed and developing world. Sedentary activities include sitting,reading, watching television, playing video games, and computer use for much of the day with little or no vigorous physical exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can contribute to many preventable causes of deathScreen time is the amount of time a person spends watching a screen such as a television, computer monitor, or mobile device. Excessive screen time is linked to negative health consequences.

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