Thursday, October 15, 2015

Over 25 emails sent to the office of general counsel & other workers compensation executives who ignored & tried to cover up what was going on.. D day is coming, repent.

Finally, the insurance company & its fast talking kept running off at the mouth in their rebuttals stating "Mr Di Pippo is obese & WAS obese before the accident" That's a lump of crap. Here's photos of me since I was a child & most babies are fat, NOT ME! I was strong enough to drag a side of beef down the block while I was still on my knees crawling..

                                               Me as a baby. My nick name was Bam Bam!
                                                              My Dad wasn't even fat...
Me left, Anthony right =(
Me & Christine in Jr High
Me & Baby Christopher
Me in High School
Anthony, Joann & Me
Anthony Dad & Me
Me in mid winter with 10 sets of clothing on hanging from a billboard
I used to walk I Beams & climb for a living. Obese people don't do what I did for a living. 
Me operating a crane 2006 right before I got hurt
Lisa & Me
Me & my friend Brenda & her 3 kids in 2009, I am clearly obese from being unable to ambuate, move or walk.. Stop the fraud stop the lies...

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