Sunday, November 1, 2015

After writing the letter to Governor Cuomo, & the NY State Workers Compensation Board on September 22nd 2015 about the corruption of their system, fraud by the IME doctor who "allegedly" evaluated me during our 3 minute doctors appointment, about discrimination by the presiding judge who verbally abused, screamed, yelled at me, punched & slapped the bench during the hearing, who also suppressed the evidence I brought in that day on January 7th 2010, we finally received their response. They did the same thing they have been doing since 2008 by listing fraudulent statements & decisions that were ruled against me & claiming they were fair. This means an all out war, and a campaign of which no other crooked NY State employee has seen in over 100 years.

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  1. I am an injured RN that has been denied treatment for my severe chronic pain that persists even after having a two level artificial disc replacement to the L4-L5 and L5-S1 of my sacral and lumbar spine. I was a research subject at the time and they no longer perform disc replacent to more than one level of the lumbar spine because it eventually creates spinal stenosis of the affected areas. State Insurance Fund continually denies ALMOST every treatment that has proven effective and I must fight them constantly to have pain blocks that cost them around 300.00 per injection. I have even begged the wcb in an appeal to allow me to pay for the pain blocks myself and they completely ignored the topic. I live near Syracuse,NY and was working at University/upstate Medical Center at the time of my injury: I cared for a 500# patient in a diabetic coma for three consecutive days each a 12 hour shift. I tore my discs and underwent a painful discography, prior to surgery, of three levels to "prove" surgery was necessary. I have recently had nerve conduction studies that proved I had nerve damage that could be the route of my intractible, severe pain. I want to join your fight and hope that those of us being mistreated by an unfair and corrupt wc system join together and make our torture and loss of treatment be treated as criminal as it should be. I especially wish to bring civil and criminal charges against NYS Insurance Fraud, I mean Fund. If interested send me your thoughts and ideas to my email @